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Board of Trustees

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Dani Mardayat - Marketing / Communications

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Like all other children, I was always asked that question when I was young, and each time, I came up with a different answer. My job interests ranged from the standard nursing and teaching to the unconventional lion taming and stunt doubling. It wasn't until my teen years that I began to confirm my calling in life - to work as a communicator in which I could combine my passion for writing and creating.

Both at school and at home, my teachers and parents encouraged me live out my love for the written word. I penned articles for the school paper, served as co-editor of the high school yearbook and even experimented in writing poetry and short stories. Although I possessed the innate desire to write and create, I would not have expressed myself so fully and whole-heartedly without the faith and support of my teachers and parents.

My drive continued throughout my college years as I pursued degrees in journalism and communications media. I was fortunate enough to still have received the same encouragement and belief from my elders. I belonged to a variety of campus organizations and associations in which I could once again live out my love for the written word, including working as a staff writer for the college paper and editing and broadcasting news pieces for the radio station. It was an enriching experience to be able to thrive in such an educational and creative environment.

The opportunity of obtaining those college degrees, not to mention the wealth of experience outside of the classroom, brought me to land jobs in the communications field. I have ten years of work experience under my belt, job positions that involve developing marketing pieces for a financial institution, serving as a public relations and media specialist for a Johns Hopkins institution, and managing communications initiatives for pharmaceutical companies. Today, I work in the heart of the advertising world on Madison Avenue, where I serve as an account executive on various multi-media projects for the pharmaceutical industry.

I wake up every morning reminding myself to be grateful for the opportunities I've experienced thus far. But I'm just one person in a pool of billions of people. Shouldn't we all deserve such wondrous opportunities? To fulfill our dreams with no obstacles?
When my good friend Carmen asked me to serve as the marketing and communications specialist for All Heart Foundation's Board of Trustees, I was honored. I was excited about this post not because it would provide an addition to my resume, but that it would give me the chance to help orphans who needed the love, belief and support of others to help them thrive in this world. If a child realizes his calling in life is to become a doctor or politician, then nothing should stop him or her from achieving those dreams. There is nothing sadder than seeing children's passions crushed because they don't have the adequate funding or the needed care and attention from adults.

I'm thrilled to belong to an organization that places children as the number one priority. The children of today will be the thought leaders of tomorrow. Let's give 100 percent to these orphans so that we can receive 100 percent back from the form of happy, healthy, educated and spirited children!

As the All Hearts Foundation's motto states: Our hearts, their future...their hearts, our future.

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